Migrating over to Discord!

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Twitch has announced: In February servers will no longer be available and that everyone should consider migrating your community to another platform.
We are already setup on Discord and we look forward to seeing you guys there! Click here for our Discord https://discord.gg/hXckdMd migrating.jpg

Blood N Bones Server info

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IP switchersworlds.com:25564
Enjoy our Bloodnbones server!

Magicians Guide to the Multiverse!

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Come checkout our magic pack made by Misterphantom129.

Encounter mystical creatures of all varieties and uncover the secrets of lost arts!
Become a witch, thaumaturge, blood magician, botanic wizard, ars magician, or all of them at once.
Master the magical arts, but beware of the consequences.


Tome of Azure!

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A modpack created by Absolute_Phoenix and Kireina_Asrai
Pack is in need of testers! Feel free to message us about getting on and testing. It's much appreciated!


Plex Server Information

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ftp access to donate plex movies and tv shows
HOST: absolutephoenix.com
USERNAME: plexdrop
PORT: 21

Switcher's Worlds IP

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If you would like to connect to any of the given Switcher's Worlds servers, the IP for the servers is the same as the bar address: switchersworlds.com:

Updated Forum Software

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Updated Xenforo to version 2.0.7
It all went without a hitch.
Have fun everyone.


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We got it all back online and working.
We still have a little work to do but its mostly done.
Thank you all for your patients.
If you haven't already please sign up again as your user data got erased when we switched to a real license.

Thank you,
Absolute Phoenix

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